Development Plan of the Faculty of Education (2022-2026)

The Development Plan of the Faculty of Education (2022-2026) has been developed through a comprehensive consultative process by bringing together a representative group from all structures of the faculty including academics, administrative staff, and students, and also including discussion with all staff and relevant actors of the education system such as MESTI, IPK, NGOs and school and kindergarten leaders. This plan was officially approved by the Faculty Council.

Within this plan, based on the current reality and according to the requirements of the time, the vision and mission of the Faculty of Education have been determined, as well as the values on the basis of which the work philosophy is built over the next five years. The strategic objectives have been planned and are intended to be achieved in the future.

Specific objective 1: TEACHING AND LEARNING Developing innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices, strengthening collegial and interdisciplinary collaboration, linking theory with practice and scientific research through the implementation of sustainable and measurable quality assurance mechanisms, so that students get quality experiences that contribute to their personal and professional development and growth, which is reflected in their work in educational institutions.

Specific objective 2: RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND INTERNATIONALIZATION Advancement in scientific research through the promotion of integrated research, the involvement of students in scientific research and international mobility, and increasing cooperation in national projects by creating partnerships with schools and preschool institutions.

Specific objective 3: COMMUNITY NETWORKING AND PARTNERSHIP Increased impact and contribution to the community through the participation of staff and students in joint development and research projects with educational institutions, civil society organizations and donors, increased awareness and social responsibility through direct contribution to community services as well as increasing program content aimed at developing entrepreneurship among students.

Specific objective 4: GOVERNANCE, ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT Development of sustainable institutional organizational culture through the implementation of sustainable policies and standards of quality, accountability and transparency; investment in the professional development of academic and administrative staff and the involvement of students in decision-making and quality assurance processes.

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