Student Support and Development Service

In the Faculty of Education, there is already a service for the psycho-pedagogical support of students, this service aims to provide students with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to effectively overcome their personal and academic challenges, to complete their studies higher education and to become contributing members of society.

Within the service for the support and development of students, several services will be offered such as: (1) support for students with special needs and students from marginalized groups, (2) support in creating the resilience of students to complete higher education , (3) professional development of students towards a successful career, (4) mentoring and support during higher education, (5) pedagogical counseling, (6) emotional support and counseling, and other extracurricular and socialization services. This will be accomplished through a variety of initiatives and services, including: individual and group counseling for struggling students, monthly developmental workshops, administrative and academic support, and general initiatives designed to improve the overall well-being of students, their prospects career, academic and personal.

The service also provides individual and group support for conducting research on various school and community-related phenomena and for final thesis preparation. All of this will be provided by student-peer advisors, mentored and supervised by academic staff.

The "Student Support and Development Service" project is implemented by the Faculty of Education, University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina" and is financed by the Austrian Development Agency within HERAS +.