Conferences and seminars

International Conference on Educational Research (KICER)

The International Conference on Education Research (KICER) is an annual event organized by the Faculty of Education at the University of Pristina in Kosovo. The main purpose of the conference is to bring researchers from different countries to share their experiences and scientific research in the field of education. The conference aims to develop scientific knowledge and new practices to improve the quality of education in Kosovo, as well as to create professional contacts for cooperation in scientific research in education.

Each year, the conference brings together scholars, teachers, students, researchers, parents and members of the educational community to share their ideas and findings through presentations and discussions.

In 2023, the KICER conference addressed the topic "Development of research and educational practices in competency-oriented education systems". This conference aims to address challenges and bring about changes in the way educational problems are addressed based on evidence and in a constantly changing context.

In 2022, KICER had as its main theme "Promoting an evidence-based approach to education in a changing context". The conference focused on five specific sub-themes, discussing educational policies and reforms, school autonomy and development, teacher identity and professional development, student motivation, competence and performance, and early childhood education and intervention.

In 2021, KICER addressed four thematic areas of current problems in education, including the development of educational policies towards quality in education, teaching and distance learning in pre-university education, education for democratic citizenship, and inclusiveness and diversity in education.

In addition to the KICER conference, the Faculty of Education also organizes seminars, symposiums and other webinars in various fields of education. These events aim to interact with teachers, students, researchers, parents and the wider community to discuss current issues and promote the development of education in Kosovo.

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