Structure and Functioning of Departments in the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education has developed an organizational structure that aims at the facilitation and efficiency of administrative processes, aiming at the decentralization of decision-making at the departmental level. The Faculty of Education is organized into departments and each has a number of programs. Departments make different decisions about the organization of studies, schedule lessons, and learning monitoring. Also, the departments propose to the Council the approval of the master's theses of the students and the formation of evaluation committees. The Faculty of Education has 4 departments as follows:

1. Department of preschool education

2. Department of primary education

3. Department of subject teaching

The study programs in this department are: subject teaching specializations; teaching Albanian language and literature; teaching history; teaching geography; teaching mathematics; technology and ICT education; teaching chemistry; teaching physics; and teaching biology.

      4. Department of pedagogy

The study programs in this department are: Master's Program in Education Sciences, specializing in: Inclusive Education; Educational leadership; Teaching and curriculum; Pedagogical counseling); and the Bachelor of Pedagogy Program.

Since the offering of programs in the Faculty of Education is interdisciplinary in nature and includes more than one field, then the composition of the departments should reflect such an approach. To achieve this, the academic staff can/should be members of two departments depending on their engagement in teaching and the field of interest.

 Chart 1: Organigram of the Faculty of Education


Departments have a department head and a secretary. The department of subject teaching, as the largest and most complex department by nature of studies, establish narrower collegiums for certain purposes, for example, the case of reviewing projects of master's topics. In this case, this department has the following collegiums for examining master's projects:

1. Collegium of social sciences

This collegium treats students' projects in the field of teaching and learning the native language and literature, history, and geography for reasons of a similar nature to the teaching methodology in the social sciences, including language.

2. Collegium of STEM

The purpose of uniting the members of the programs of mathematics, natural sciences and technology in one college is supposed to be done with the aim of promoting the inter-field integration of these three fields and promoting the development of STEM as an innovative and creative demand in contemporary education.

These collegiums review the students' projects on the master's topic and propose the evaluation committees and on the behalf of the department (the department specifies the additional procedure of forwarding the requests to the Council) they are forwarded to the Faculty Council.

Management of departments:

Department of preschool education

Head of the department: Rozafa Ferizi-Shala

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary of the department: Adelina Hajrullahu

Contact: [email protected] 

Department of Primary Education

Head of the department: Hatixe Ismajli

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary: Veli Kryeziu

Contact: [email protected] 

Department of subject teaching

Head of the department: Kyvete Shatri

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary of the department: Blerina Tafolli

Contact: [email protected] 

Department of pedagogy

Head of the department: Naser Zabeli

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary of the department: Donika Koliqi

Contact: [email protected]