KICER 2021

KICER 2021

KICER 2021 was organized by the Institute for Research and Development in Education within the Faculty of Education at the University of Pristina. The conference took place on June 10 and 11, 2021. The main topics of the conference included four thematic areas of current problems in the field of education and training.

• Development of educational policies towards quality in education: This topic focused on the analysis of educational policies and the necessary steps to improve the quality of education. Discussions focused on strategies and innovations in education policies that promote a better education system.

• Distance teaching and learning in pre-university education: Challenges and advantages: This topic addressed issues related to distance teaching and learning in pre-university education. The challenges and advantages of this way of teaching were discussed and the role of technology in improving distance learning was analyzed.

• Education for democratic citizenship: The topic here focused on education for democratic citizenship and its importance in the development of democratic societies. Discussions focused on methods and good practices to promote democratic values, civic participation and political awareness in education.

• Inclusion and diversity: In this topic, the issues of inclusion and diversity in education were addressed. Strategies and policies were examined to ensure a fair and equitable educational environment for all students, addressing the diverse needs of students from different social, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

At the Conference, researchers from the country, the region, Europe and the USA presented. Click here to download the agenda.

After the end of the Conference, all the abstracts of the papers that were presented were published in the Book of Abstracts, which you can download here.