DVV - Curriculum globALE

Project description:

This project aims to improve the preconditions for the provision of inclusive and qualitative Adult Education. The project focuses on the institutionalization and sustainability of implementing the Curriculum globALE (CG) teacher training program, which sets out a basic qualification framework for adult educators. By providing a benchmark that spans all continents, the Curriculum globALE (CG) is unique in its aim of driving forward the professionalization of Adult Education in Kosovo.

Curriculum globALE (CG) training offers 5 Modules, including:

  • Module 1: Approaching Adult Education (click here)
  • Module 2: Adult learning and adult teaching (click here)
  • Module 3: Communication and group dynamics in Adult Education (click here)
  • Module 4: Methods of Adult Education (click here)
  • Module 5: Planning, organization and evaluation in Adult Education (click here)

For more information on Curriculum globALE (CG), check out the following document (English - Shqip)